If you’ve been following along over the last several weeks you may have noticed that my Frost Advisories have focused on the challenges our stations are facing during this season of the coronavirus and racial tensions across the country.

I’ve commented on training talent, on connecting with the local African-American community, on finding the right camera angle for our format that is designed to encourage, and about sharing stories that give insight and create empathy.

Within the last week Mark Ramsey, Alan Mason, and I invited programmers and air talent to share their challenges and success stories on a Zoom call. It was time well spent.

What are we learning during this pandemic? What are we learning about how to encourage during a national emergency? What are we learning about creating a shared experience where people don’t feel isolated? What are we learning about being human and relating to what people are going through?

What are you learning about your brand?

If your brand isn’t perceived as practical it can seem irrelevant. Not that it is, only that it can be perceived to be.

Can you connect your brand values to what your listeners are going through? The stronger the brand the more you can connect.