“Your format sounds small,” an industry friend recently told me.

I reckon’ he knew how to get my attention.

“If your station can be transformative in someone’s life as you claim, then why do you spend 99% of your time focusing on the nuts and bolts, the songs, the artists, the deejays, the features – the stuff any radio station in any format can do.

Why don’t you focus on what matters most?,” he says from an outsider’s perspective.

Coming out of the pandemic and through a turbulent election season people are looking for answers. People are looking for hope.

Hyundai’s recent campaign “Hope is our greatest feature” offers us a perspective.

In this campaign they even list some of their cars’ more obvious features, the kind that other automobile advertising focuses on almost exclusively. Hyundai’s campaign moves past Level 1 typical thinking to draw your attention to a feature that is…

“…one you don’t even see…

Hope is our greatest feature. And it comes standard on every Hyundai.

…It’s not the turbo-charged engine, or the panoramic sun roof, it’s not the heated seats or the driver assistance features; no, our greatest feature is one you don’t even see… Hope is our greatest feature, and it comes standard on every Hyundai.”

So, what is your station’s greatest feature? Before you answer let me warn you, you may be thinking too small.