A Samsung Galaxy S21 commercial made me think. Of all messages communicated not one centered on the features of a cell telephone. Wow! A commercial about a cell phone that never mentioned a cell phone.

Made for the epic in everyday.

So what product category is your radio station in? If you think your radio station is in the category of a Christian music radio station, Samsung has some news for you.

“You need to view your brand as a solution to a consumer problem, an answer to a consumer desire. Then you should ask yourself what other solutions and answers are you competing against for those problems and desires?

Meanwhile you need to consider how you can extend your brand to provide more value to your existing consumers across more platforms – including the one called ‘the real world.'”

Mark Ramsey

If the only values attributed to your station are those of any station in the format – that you play Christian music – good luck when a syndicated Christian music format from Rocklin, California, arrives on your doorstep.

Samsung could think of themselves as a cell phone company. But then they wouldn’t have an experience to share.

If the only value your station is known for is the music created by someone else for anyone else, then your station is missing out on the story that only your station can tell.