Philip Yancey shares in his book “Vanishing Grace”:

“Mark Rutland whimsically recalls a survey in which…

Americans were asked what words they would most like to hear.

He predicted the first choice: ‘I love you.

Number two was ‘I forgive you.

The third choice took him by surprise: ‘Supper’s ready.‘”

It dawned on Rutland that these three statements provide a neat summary of the gospel story.”

I dare suggest that this could also summarize what your radio station is about.

We are loved by God, forgiven by God, and everyone is welcome!

If it was up to me I would bake these three concepts into the very foundation of my station.

*Mark Rutland is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Institute of Christian Leadership

*This Frost Advisory was inspired by my pastor and my friend Tullian Tchividjian