“Blessing” is not a word we kick around often in strategic planning meetings, and certainly not in budget meetings. But I reckon’ it’s a pretty good word.

One of the definitions for “blessing” is “something that helps you or brings happiness.” (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

My friend Brant Hansen shares, “Literally blessing means to add value. How can I bless the listener today?”

He digs into the process, or more accurately the WORK.

“I prep a few hours every morning. I have to think things through, and come up with the END goal of what I’m trying to say for each individual idea. That’s the hard work. Compiling a bunch of “stuff” is not hard. Figuring out precisely what I want to say is the actual work. How am I offering value with this? If I don’t have that worked out, it’s not going on the air.”

So, to add value it has to matter. That means it has to relate to your listener’s life or what they care about.

“Those products and brands make us feel like we belong and we feel a kinship with others who buy the same things… Apple didn’t invent the lifestyle, nor does it sell a lifestyle. Apple is simply one of the brands that those who live a certain lifestyle are drawn to…”

Simon Sinek, “Start with Why”

That may be the best descriptor yet. People are drawn to your station because they live a certain lifestyle, more so than any other format. Knowing that gives your station the opportunity to add value to their lives in meaningful ways.

But I warn you. It takes work.