The beginning of a new year seems to me to be a good time to consider how we internalize the values in our organizations.

Andy Stanley suggests, “Just start celebrating what you value. People will value what you celebrate, and they will celebrate what you value.”

I’ve recently been reading, “Breakfast with Fred,” the conversations and ideas of Fred Smith, Sr, a mentor for many leaders such as Zig Ziglar, Philip Yancey, John Maxwell and my friend Steve Brown.

“When Fred was in his early twenties, he visited a cemetery and asked himself what he would want the epitaph on his tombstone to read. It was at that moment he chose the phrase that would set his life direction: ‘He stretched others.'”

That stretching led Fred to value conversations and the sharing of insights and wisdom. So much so that the “Breakfast with Fred” concept evolved as his health deteriorated and his breakfast meetings with a few moved online for many to read.

What does your organization value?

My friend Ken Blanchard, author of more than 30 best sellers including “One Minute Manager,” begins every workday with a personal message that goes into the voice mail of hundreds of his staff and associates. I’ve actually been with him as he shared his morning message.

Why does he go to such trouble? Because he values encouragement and teamwork.

My experience is that the hallways at Christian radio stations are full of pictures of musicians, nicely framed gold records, industry awards, and maybe a glossy photo of a deejay or two.

“People will value what you celebrate, and they will celebrate what you value.”

It’s a new year! Maybe it is time to celebrate what you value!