Is there a connection between Christmas and your station’s strategy? No, I didn’t say Christmas MUSIC. I said Christmas.

They say there are more “religious” radio stations in the United States than any other format category. They also say that those religious stations have fewer listeners than any other. Ouch!

Many Christian radio stations could best be described as “a bunch of stuff all on one station,” consisting of a little of this and a little of that with little connection to the WHY.

Many Christian radio stations ignore strategy and focus only on the day to day tactics – the songs, the contests, the liners, the deejays, the programs. Tactics have no meaning apart from a strategy, just as the manger has no meaning apart from the meaning of Christmas.

It’s ironic that many Christian radio stations aren’t strategic since the very faith they represent is about as strategic as it gets. There is a God. He made everything. He created us for a purpose. He desires a relationship with us. Jesus Christ, born on Christmas day, is the focal point of that God-man relationship. That’s the best definition of strategy that I can imagine.

What’s Christmas got to do with it? Just look around and see the impact.

“There is nothing more powerful than to be able to give something to someone that lets them know they matter. This is the beauty of Christmas. Isn’t it interesting that the day that centers around the coming of Jesus into human history has provoked the greatest movement of generosity and giving the world has ever known? Where Jesus is generosity flows.”

Erwin McManus