You’ve probably seen them. The clever little social media posts that say something like “Tell me you’re from Texas without mentioning Texas.”

There’s also…

“Tell me you love pizza without saying pizza.”

“Tell me you love baseball without mentioning baseball.”

You get the idea.

In our case, tell me that you reflect my values without saying you reflect my values.

Being a Texas boy I get what Texas pride is all about. I have a Texas flag hanging in my office, for goodness sake, almost 30 years after I moved to Florida.

I once consulted a country station in Austin that played “The Eyes of Texas” every day at twelve noon.

KSBJ has a feature called, “Welcome to Houston, welcome to KSBJ!” that is designed to elicit those Texas-sized emotions while making it easier for new listeners to understand the purpose of the station. My friend Bill Ingram who voices that feature at KSBJ has become nothing less than a Texas star in part because how he personifies those brand values.

What would your listeners say about your radio station if they didn’t mention your radio station? Hopefully, they’d articulate the values that your station stands for, the values they would care about even if your station wasn’t on the air, and the values that immutably transcend basic attributes.

“It’s okay if you’re in no rush to travel. Because we know that once you get to Texas you’ll be in no rush to leave.”

What would your listeners say about your station if they couldn’t mention your station?