What’s the best time to buy Christmas decorations?

Yep! AFTER Christmas!

Ever wonder why Valentine Day’s cards are half price AFTER Valentine’s Day, appliances at cheapest after the big Labor Day sale, and car dealers are eager to sell to you at $100 over invoice?

It’s because they don’t just make money off of selling stuff, they make money off of MOVING stuff.

They make no money when stuff sits on the shelf. And it takes up the space that could be used for something that MOVES.

What if we thought about our radio stations that way? What if everything we did was designed to “move off the shelf?”

In other words, it is designed to come out of the speakers and then impact the listener’s life. Perhaps a transformation happens – a transformation of mood, attitude, or purpose – and then from them to others.

What if we evaluated all of our content – personalities, music, promotions – and eliminated everything that didn’t move off the shelves? That is, it didn’t benefit or help transform the listener?

Don’t allow things on your radio station to just sit on the shelves. Focus on creating things that move off the shelves from your radio station to your listeners and then on to others.