For almost a year now life has been very different for most of us. Many aren’t commuting to work resulting in morning and afternoon drive radio listening being very different. Some are homeschooling their kids through no choice of their own. Many have experienced restaurants at minimal capacity, social connections significantly limited, and churches closed. (I’m a part of a new church launch that was shut down longer than we were open.)

Are we grateful for our listeners? Are we grateful they still make us a part of their daily lives?

“Gratitude unexpressed is perceived as ingratitude.”

Andy Stanley

For the last twenty years I’ve spent enough time on airplanes and in rental cars that they’ve awarded me me special status. I get to board before the family of 17 heading off to Walt Disney World, a can of Fresca delivered with my licorice chewies, and I get assigned cars with fancy GPS systems that tell me, “You’re going the wrong way!”

So, what do those companies think of me when I’m hardly traveling at all?

Here is how Avis communicates it:

We’re Keeping You Safe

“Avis has implemented enhanced protocols to keep you, our employees, and our communities safe. Through our partnership with Lysol® we are taking cleaning and disinfection to a whole new level, and we pledge to keep you safe with our minimal contact pick up.

We’re Here for You

As always, we appreciate your loyalty to Avis. When you’re ready to get back on the road, we look forward to helping you get to your destination safely and affordably.”

Seems to me that the brand values Avis is expressing are the same brand values of our format. The only difference? Avis is actually expressing them.

“Gratitude unexpressed is perceived as ingratitude.”

Andy Stanley

If nothing else, hopefully this exercise will nudge you into pondering how your radio station intersects with your listeners’ lives in these unusual times.