So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Most surveys point to the good ole reliable vanilla. But when you peak under the cone you’ll see that vanilla is favored in part because it goes with so many different toppings and condiments.

I believe that there is no format like CCM whose success is more dependent on the ability to create an emotional dynamic range from laughter to tears, celebration to introspection, and angst to joyfulness. Some might describe that as the human condition.

At its least compelling our format is merely nice Christian people talking about nice Christian things to nice Christian people. You’ve heard them. At its most compelling our format can be a story board of the challenges and adventures of living in a broken world.

You can play one note or you can play all the notes.

You can be ordinary, or you can be remarkable. Only remarkable transforms a radio station.

Remember, while vanilla may be the favorite flavor of ice cream…

…there are no vanilla ice cream stores.

*Inspired by a conversation with my friend Matt Stockman.