2020 has been a year like no other. But even in this unusual season Christmas can bring out the best in us. More people are tuning to your station than at any other time of the year.

I knew of a few stations that top a million listeners per week and numerous others that reach the top five. This was once considered unimaginable for a niche format playing mostly unfamiliar music.

Many stations do their best job of connecting on common values with stories of hope, comfort, and new beginnings. Over the last several weeks I have heard some amazing stories and songs.

I heard how Pamela and her daughter were helped to move out of the homeless shelter and start a new life!

I heard Craig’s story of being able to hear for the first time because of a caring surgeon.

I heard the story of the man who decorated his house with Christmas lights knowing that his son wouldn’t live to see Christmas. When his neighbors found out they joined in and decorated their houses months early.

Stories and songs. These stories resonate just as much with a brand new listener as with a long time fan. (A question you might consider asking for any feature).

“There is nothing more powerful than to be able to give something to someone that lets them know they matter. This is the beauty of Christmas. Isn’t it interesting that the day that centers around the coming of Jesus into human history has provoked the greatest movement of generosity and giving the world has ever known? Where Jesus is generosity flows.”

Erwin McManus

What can we learn from this?

Maybe this New Year we’ll resolve not to settle for a radio station that isn’t interesting enough to even be listened to in our own hallways, but instead devote ourselves to the hard work of creating a radio station that really matters.