As you’re reading this you’ve probably seen people celebrating in the streets over the results of the election. But you also know that challenges are going to be filed in court this week related to possible voting irregularities.

So, who won the election?

More specifically for our little radio family… did your station “win” during this election?

That can only be answered, obviously, if we DEFINE the win.

The “win” for our stations is certainly not that we were first with the election results, that we had wall-to-wall coverage election night, or that aided our candidate to victory.

No, our victory was bigger than that.

Perhaps our win was that we were the escape from the negative headlines.

Perhaps our win was that listeners sensed that, even as we may see things differently politically, that we are united in a greater cause as brothers and sisters in our faith.

The lesson?

Make sure you understand your win, considering your unique format and position in the marketplace, and then devote your resources to that win.