These are curious times. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

“Everyone is upset about something today. As a result, a growing dearth of kindness is apparent in our marketplace interactions, most notably in our media and political discussions and debates. A spirit of unforgiveness has been unleashed in our land, and it’s consuming us.”

Joe Battaglia, noted author and Yankee fan

Recently our niece shared how much she loved the Hallmark channel’s “Christmas in July.” She said, “I’m just looking for anything with a happy ending.”

Tuesday morning is coming. Election day is near.

“Voting is an essentially hopeful activity, regardless of the results. It defies the 100 miles between us and asserts connection and relevance. It says, ‘I know these things are wrong and those could be better, and maybe I don’t love any of the options presented, but I am an American and here’s my best thinking right now.’

Wayne Greene, “Tulsa World”

Your station can be the place, regardless of the politics and media finger-pointing, that is a reminder of a bigger idea. There is Hope.

“The greatest opportunity – indeed, the greatest need – is to help your listeners feel better. To calm them down. To help them relax. To bring them comfort.

That means tending to their bodies, their minds, AND their spirit.”

Mark Ramsey

Tuesday morning is coming.

There may have never been a more important time for your station to offer Hope.