The worst version of our format is “nice Christian people talking about nice Christian things to nice Christian people.”

The best version of our format is like a friend who sticks with you through life’s ups and downs and is an encourager every step of the way.

In execution, the first option is any day anywhere. The second option is right here right now.

When a station focuses on “right here right now” it forces the elimination of all generics. No more platitudes. No more “hang in theres.”

COVID-19 isn’t going away, at least anytime soon. Our normal in March is not the normal in July and may not be our normal in October.

Our focus needs to be now. Because “now” is the one thing we most have in common; yes, even more than our beliefs or our values.

If you want a lesson in “now,” simply walk down the aisle of your neighborhood grocery store. From the signs indicating mandatory mask wearing, to the arrows on the aisles

You’ll see show prep literally on display. Even during a pandemic.

The grocery business depends upon having the right stuff in the right place at the right time. In our business we call that show prep.

Obviously not everything you see at the grocery store belongs on your station, but if you want to know what’s relevant in your community it’s a pretty good place to go shopping.

And don’t forget to wear a mask. And follow the arrows.

Right here right now.