They say opinions are like noses; everyone has one.

The boss, the Facebook posts from listeners, the sales manager, or the weekend disc jockey, everyone has an opinion on what your station should be doing to be better. At least for them.

On this Mother’s Day, I wonder what advice we could get from Mom.

Be a good friend

Friends make others feel welcome. Friends don’t talk down to others. Friends don’t have conversations that exclude others. Friends encourage.

Don’t be selfish

The moment we think the station is all about us, we lose perspective. Your station’s values are reflected in what’s hanging in the hallways. Is it all about you? Your station ultimately exists to serve others. The word for being self-focused is “ego.”

“When I find the ego in the organization I’ve found the problem.”

Fred Smith

Live every moment

What’s the most important programming element on your station? It’s the one that is on RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, not next week. “Be good now” is the best programming advice there is. After all, the “nows” add up.

Clean your room and FLUSH!

Be vigilant about getting the bad stuff off your radio station and replacing it with good stuff. Pay just as much attention to what you’re removing from your station as to what you’re adding.

Remember who you are

My mom used to tell me, “Remember who you are and what you represent.” Your station’s brand – what your station stands for – is the primary reason people tune in. Your station’s success depends on how effectively and emotionally communicate your WHY.

Thanks, Mom!