Our world has changed. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

People are anxious. Many are fearful. There is a new normal and we’re not quite sure what it is.

Our vocabulary is filled with concepts unfamiliar just a few months ago. Social distancing. COVID-19. N95 masks. Even the mention of places in the world like Wuhan.

During this pandemic I’m sure your radio station is doing some good stuff. Many stations are doing lots of good stuff. But the more important question is… are you fulfilling a promise?

My friends at Z88.3 in Orlando are known for several things seldom associated with Christian radio. At first glance, traffic and weather reports can seem a tangent since few people would say that’s a primary reason they tune in. (A common discussion is whether we should be doing traffic reports at all since that information is easily available on the Waze app and other sources. But that’s a Frost Advisory for later – after the pandemic). Those elements could be a tangent if they weren’t connected to something else. Something more important.

To help keep your family safe. That’s the station’s promise, and it’s the reason they talk about “Weather warnings first” even on a sunny day in April.

What you do is never as important as why you do it.



With you through good times and bad.

Your listeners will never forget you if you help them get through this pandemic.

So, do you promise?