We’re living it. Right now.

The bad news is at our fingertips, on our TV screens, and evident in the streets where we live. Everyone is talking about it. There’s no doubt we’re living in unusual times, but our stations have a different role to play than CNN or FOX News. Certainly there is bad news. But all the news isn’t bad news.

Since 1963, the University of Delaware’s Disaster Research Center has conducted nearly 700 field studies on floods and earthquakes, and on-site research reveals the same results every time: the vast majority of people stay calm and help each other.

“Whatever the extent of the looting, it always pales in significance to the widespread altruism that leads to free and massive giving and sharing of goods and services.”

“I don’t know what you’re seeing,” a psychiatrist tweeted, “but I’m seeing people wanting to help all over the place. By following official recommendations, or something practical like doing someone’s grocery shopping…”

Our format has an important role to play in sharing these stories of altruism in contrast to the bombardment of daily death stats.

By sharing the good that people are doing we can be an inspiration for others to do good.

“The words ‘andrà tutto bene’ – everything will be all right – were first used by a few mothers in Italy who posted the slogan on Facebook. From there, it spread across the country, going viral almost as fast as the pandemic. The coronavirus isn’t the only contagion – kindness, hope and charity are spreading too.”

Rutger Bregman, TED.com

Isn’t that a wonderful way to live out your station’s purpose?

“You are on this planet for greater things than fear over a pandemic. Let today be the day you break the process of continually dwelling on fearful panic to embrace feeling better. To count blessings instead of problems. No one knows what the future will bring – but you can know how you will face it. Breathe in faith – breathe out fear. It will work for you, for your family and for those you care about.”

Dwight Bain

*Graphic from Jon Gordon