When was the last time someone did something for you?

When was the last time a business did something for you?

Now it gets harder. When was the last time a radio station did something for you?

In his book “Know What You’re For,” Jeff Henderson shares that most businesses see their customers as fans in the stands rooting for the business. His suggestion is transformative. Imagine your customers are on the field and you’re rooting for them.

We’re really good at talking about ourselves, how “real” we are, and what we want from our listeners (“help keep us on the air”), but we fall short in demonstrating what our listeners mean to us.

After a terrible 108-loss season, Baltimore Oriole players sent out thousands of handwritten thank you cards to every one of their season ticket holders.

Planet Fitness decorates their walls with encouragement to those working out. “You did something great today!”

Jeff Henderson’s Gwinnett County church has adjusted their social media strategy to focus more on the community they serve.

“Look at your last ten social media posts and determine where the spotlight is. Is it on your customers and larger community, or is it on the business? The goal isn’t to stop talking about the business or organization; the goal is to achieve a better balance in order to be consistent with the purpose of the organization.”

Taylor Guitars’ social media campaign features Taylor owners playing their guitars. The customer is the one on the field and Taylor is cheering them on.

Before each Sunday’s offering my church reminds visitors to “let the basket pass;” they weren’t invited there for their money. They are reminded that the church doesn’t want anything FROM them, they want the service to be a blessing FOR them. This can be a powerful demonstration of hospitality for those convinced the church is “just after your money.” (Check the Barna research on this topic).

“Write because you love the reader. Never write to prove your point. Write to remind the reader they have infinite value.”

Donald Miller