It’s our biggest mistake. It is also our greatest opportunity.

“We’re attracted to art when it stands for something we believe in, shows us a reflection of our own values, gives us a glimpse of our own inner face.”

Roy Williams

We have unwittingly created a format that is disconnected from the world outside the radio station’s windows. We are a sports station that doesn’t root with the fans going to the game. We are an alternative rock station that doesn’t reflect the latest craze, the clubs and the crazies. We’re a country station that doesn’t sing about girls and guys and guitars.

“Before recording technology existed, you could not separate music from its social context.”

David Byrne

Find anyone who doesn’t believe we live in a world becoming more and more negative. Social media is littered with rants of “us vs them,” even from our leaders. In fact, more often who they are against defines who they are. Bickering has become the new national pastime – even during the National Anthem at an NFL game.

“We toss around terms like ‘positive” and ‘uplifting,’ but these are not simply deep-voiced ‘positioning lines,’ these are promises to the listener – proposals we must prove through deeds and drama.

If I were you I would be asking my team this question on a regular basis: How are we demonstrating our positivity? How are we proving our positioning?”

Mark Ramsey

Look outside your radio station’s windows. There is something out there that is the real reason people listen.