My recent birthday was spent in Section 122, Seat 13, at Wrigley Field on Chicago’s north side; nothing short of baseball heaven. But that’s not the story.

When the folks at Wrigley Field found out it was my birthday I was immediately ushered to Customer Service where I was ceremoniously awarded an “It’s my birthday” sticker while being serenaded with “Happy Birthday” by those charged with creating memories for fans. And they did.

And it didn’t stop there.

When other fans saw my Wrigley Field birthday sticker they celebrated, too. I even ran into several others who were also wearing their birthday stickers. Tribes are formed by the shared experience.

My Pyromarketing friend Greg Stielstra puts it this way:

“If you help your customers feel special, they won’t be able to resist telling their friends.”

Our’s is the most tribal of formats, made up of thousands and thousands of folks that have specific and meaningful things in common. Our stations have the opportunity to make those things visible to others. It can be as simple as a birthday sticker, or a section at a concert with listeners wearing a special shirt, or a social media campaign showing caring people helping those in need.

This weekend my friends at Spirit 105-9 in Austin are celebrating teachers at their annual Spirit of Austinfest with a social media campaign (after all, everyone knows a teacher) and stickers that say, “I’m a teacher; pray for me.” And they will.

“Social and personal identity involves a lot of sharing what matters to you most, with those who matter to you most. It’s an amazing thing, when your customer base not only buys your product but also consciously takes individual responsibility for your success.”

Hugh MacLeod

What is your station doing to help your listeners feel known?