“What are you NOT doing?,” my dad would say as he entered his teenage son’s room.

What I WAS doing was evident to him. Often nothing. He wanted to know the more important answer… that I WASN’T mowing the yard, that I WASN’T doing my homework, that I WASN’T, in his words, “making something of myself.”

While communicating that your station is positive/encouraging/uplifting/and great fun at parties is clearly a good thing, sharing what you’re not doing may be a better way to fit into the context of the lives of listeners.

If real people feel that the world is becoming increasingly negative, that media is consumed with gossip, and that bickering and name calling permeate social media, then maybe what you don’t do is what matters most.

“A thing cannot exist without its opposite. This is why a positive statement – without its corresponding negative – is usually a platitude.”

Roy Williams