What if one simple change changed everything?

Weight loss. Self confidence.

Attitude. Growing relationships. Dwelling less on negative.


How can we get people to talk about us?

My friend Jim is a Cubs fan. He talks about the Cubs every time we’re together. The Cubs aren’t paying him to do this. In fact, the Cubs probably don’t know he is doing it.

He talks about the Cubs because they are inherently interesting.

There is surprise and delight (or not) every day, which creates Fear of Missing Out. “Did you see Javy Baez’ pinch hit walk off single last night?” He talks about the Cubs because his dad did, or mom or granddad. He talks about the Cubs because of his identity. If you’re a Cubs fan you talk about the Cubs.

“Ideas spread from person to person. Horizontally. Because someone who encountered an idea cared enough to spread the word, to talk about it, to insist that friends and colleagues pay attention, if just for a moment.

If you can figure out how to embrace the true fans, they’ll go ahead and spread an idea – not because you want them to, but because they want to.

Your ability to reach a tiny group of committed fans is essential. But the work spreads because of the fans, not because you figured out how to spend money to interrupt more and more strangers.”

Seth Godin

Spend less time trying to manipulate your listeners to talk about you and more time making your radio station worth talking about.

*Inspired by my friend Jim Marshall, a Cubs’ fan, even though the Cubs don’t even know it.