Do you want your radio station to grow? Do you want new listeners, new fans, new donors?

To grow means that we reach new people. Yet we play music they’ve never heard. Are we sending mixed signals?

Other formats such as Country, Rock, Pop, and Oldies play music their listeners have known and loved for years. Our format plays music most have never heard; and yet we expect our ratings to be right up there with the more familiar music formats.

Andy Stanley digs into this challenge in his book, “Deep and Wide.”

“The church is a family expecting guests. Almost every time the church gathers, outsiders are (or should be) present… Therefore, ministry leaders need to intentionally design each environment with outsiders in mind.

Designing environments with outsiders in mind means that we pay attention to how we talk – avoiding tribal, inside language.”

“5 Lessons from ‘Deep and Wide’ by Andy Stanley” by Luke Simmons.

So, are you expecting guests?