There was a knock on the door. “Uh, oh! It’s THOSE people!” People that want something FROM you.

It has been said that almost everyone loves to shop, but no one wants to be sold.

“The selfish marketer is marketing at us, trading money for attention to sell average (or below average) products to disinterested people. The excuse is that money needs to be made, or that the boss insists, or that we have no choice…

The successful marketer is marketing with us and for us. And she doesn’t need an excuse.”

Seth Godin

The same is true for your radio station. Think about it… there are some voices your listeners hear only when you’re asking for money.

Well now…

“It’s impossible to have an authentic relationship with someone from whom you’re always trying to get something.”

Andy Stanley

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against radio stations fundraising. But there is a profound difference between wanting something from your listeners and wanting something for your listeners.

Wanting something from your listeners is all about you: your budget, your goals, and keeping your station on the air. Wanting something for your listeners is inviting them to participate in what God is doing through your station and hearing the stories of lives being changed.

Instead of asking what our listeners can do for us, here is a better question…

What can we do for you?