On last week’s show I shared the experience of driving with my friend Mike when he declared,  “My GPS is broken!  It only tells me where I’ve been, not where I’m going.”

Making programming decisions based solely upon ratings is like driving with a GPS that shows only where you’ve been.  

So how do we keep our eyes off the rear view mirror, off of strictly where we’ve been, and on to the road ahead?


My family recently went on a cruise that took us to Belize, noted for its 190-mile long coral reef, the second largest in the world.  Our guide Pedro was amazing!  He showed us the best places to SCUBA dive and to the spectacular River of Caves, where we went cave tubing for 7 miles with nifty little lights on our helmets.

Pedro had been places we’d never been and helped us navigate the challenges we couldn’t anticipate.  We reached our destination, and enjoyed it more, because of our guide.

What if you knew specifically what your fans loved about your radio station?

What if you also knew what potential new listeners would find attractive about your station?

What if those ideas were carefully designed into your station?

This information is readily available if you’re willing to do the work.  It’s called research.

An investment in growth is more valuable than an investment in the status quo. 

An experienced guide can help you avoid the mistakes of others.  The insights of research can help you set your GPS to the most successful road ahead.

Hopefully you’ll hear…

“Recalculating route…”