“We need more P1s!,” the voice echoes as if calling for a clean up on Aisle 9.

I get the math.  40% of your weekly cume can contribute over 70% of your average quarter horses.

The problem is – this is just stats and numbers.  P1s, er… fans, are real people with real lives and real options, not statistics that we can manipulate on a spreadsheet.

Even Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen agree.

“It pays to be in the business of growing fans and nurturing those fans… Remember that “favorite” is not just a behavior, it’s an emotion.  A listener either feels it for you or they don’t.

And no one has ever fallen in love with a brand because of an obsessive focus on attributes over feelings.”


When you find yourself in a discussion about P1 stats, you would be well served to move beyond the stats into the real world of cultivating real fans.

  1. Diminish the stuff that can create tune out; unfamiliar music, irrelevant talk, not delivering on expectations.
  2. Invest in marketing that communicates why tuning to your station addresses a problem: theirs not yours.
  3. Create a culture where “winning moments” are encouraged and rewarded.   (Most stations aren’t even listening to the station in the hallways).

But here’s a caution: when the talking about the stats is over, you might actually have to go to work building a radio station worthy of actually having passionate fans.