“We’ve been worrying about the wrong things,” said the top dog of a well known broadcast company.  His reaction was to their focus on tactics rather than the things I was there to discuss; stuff like the station’s vision and purpose, and identity.

Jim is a Cubs’ fan.

Daniel plays the guitar.  A Taylor.

Cindy works hard to support the arts in her community.

Cousin Dan is a Texas Longhorn season ticket holder.  Or was.

Deborah takes vacations just to do yoga.

Don and Melissa give me Starbucks gift cards.  I send them photos of Starbucks across the country where they’ve treated me.

Chuck has ridden his Harley to all 50 states.  That road trip to Hawaii was a little iffy.

Nephew Russell has been to all thirty current major league ballparks.  He and I went to #30 together.

Joe is writer and is publishing his 5th book.

David wears outlandish Dashiki shirts.

Mike is a storm chaser, and has the jersey to prove it.  He’s also a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan.

“Brands that participate in the identity transformation of their customers create passionate brand evangelists.”

Donald Miller

Would your radio station even come to mind if your listeners were asked, “Who are you?”

*Thanks to my pal Mike Prendergast for the inspiration.