“Off air,” the TV schedule indicated.  “No programming scheduled at this time” the box on the lower left read.  It was 7:30pm.  Prime time I think they call it.

I recently attended a major league baseball game where the concession stands on the third base side were all closed.  If you wanted to give them your money there was no one there to take it, presumably the very reason they were there in the first place.

It begins ever so subtly.  First, the restaurant limits its hours.  Then it’s closed for lunch.  Then it’s only open four days a week.

It’s a slippery slope when you start treating your customers like they are not important enough for you to stay open.

Which daypart do you treat like no one is listening?  Overnights?  Nights?  Holidays?

I’ve hear tell of a major market radio station that on a holiday Monday aired the usual recorded traffic intros and beds but no traffic reports.  They say no one knew because no one was minding the store.

Once you stop caring whether anyone is listening, don’t be surprised if others stop caring too.