Hasn’t it been a fascinating thing to watch?  The news coverage.  The politicians, the celebrities, the average America Joe sharing what Billy Graham meant to them.  In a media world of bickering and partisan politics, we’ve hit hit the pause button to reflect on a man whose life transcended those things.

His daughter, Ruth Bell Graham, said, “Everybody has a Billy Graham story.”

I know I do.  It was at a Billy Graham crusade in Irving, Texas, that 14-year-old John Frost publicly dedicated his life to Christ.  It was decades later than I would learn that was the very first event at Texas Stadium.  I learned that from his grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, who had become my pastor.

His message was simple.

His message was consistent.  He didn’t allow the media to divert him toward the social issue of the month that would dilute his simple message of his calling – to point people to Christ.

Everybody has a Billy Graham story because everyone felt connected to him.

What if people said their lives were better because of your radio station?  Wouldn’t that be something?  Not that they really enjoyed the 35 minute music sweeps without commercial interruption, not that they got traffic and weather together on the 10s, not that they won free cardboard to concerts by someone they’ve never heard of…

…but that their lives were better.