Reckon’ you’ve heard this before.

Everyone’s favorite radio station is the station that plays their favorite music.  That’s the easy part.

Most GMs and PDs nod their heads in response to the question “would you like to grow your audience?,” much like being asked if you’d like to have whiter teeth, or if you wish Trump would stop Tweeting.

I’ve found that few programmers really comprehend the conundrum of attracting new listeners while playing songs they simply don’t know.

One can’t prefer something one isn’t familiar with

Or put the other way,  “familiarity is preference,” as Mark Ramsey says.

So, what’s the solution?

The recent Chevrolet Traverse television campaign opens with the typical car commercial scene with people standing around the SUV and saying nice things about its attributes.

“This looks better than 99% of the SUVs out there.”

“Very modern.  Sleek.”

But then the host changes the conversation.

“Maybe the most impressive part of the all new Traverse is what’s on the inside.”  He opens the two side doors to reveal a family inside.  “It’s a family car.  We had to put your family in it.”

The spot ends with family members loving on each other.  You can’t get more familiar than that.

“The most basic way to make people care is to form an association between something they don’t yet care about and something they do care about.”
~Chip and Dan Heath “Made to Stick”

Would you like to grow your audience?  Start focusing on what your current and potential new listeners care about.   BTW, if you need any help I’ll be down at Dairy Queen.