Welcome to the show!   We’re glad you’re here!

A simple idea, but one with profound impact.

In all my years of movie going, even harkening back to the days when you could buy a jumbo-sized pickle from Mrs. Cushman at the Majestic Theatre for a quarter, I don’t recall this ever happening.

The director and the star welcomed me to the movie!

“And we are so glad that you’ve come to see “The Greatest Showman” in the way it was meant to be seen; in the theatre with an audience on the big screen.”
~Hugh Jackman and director Michael Gracey.

And it only got better from there.  (Insert plug for “The Greatest Showman.”  It’s that good.)

The Christian music format has a challenge like no other; how to assimilate new listeners that aren’t familiar with the music.  That’s why being purposeful about creating familiarity based upon common ground is fundamental to the adoption process.   “Familiarity is preference,” as Mark Ramsey says.

For instance,

…with a new resident every 4.2 minutes, the second largest of any metro area, my friends at KSBJ in Houston have developed a “Welcome to Houston, welcome to KSBJ” campaign (along with jingles) … to convey Texas hospitality and systemically share the vision and purpose of the station.

My friends Brant Hansen and Sherri Lynn have “an awesome welcome pak” on their show’s website.  You’ll also find “rules for the show; a guide for new listeners,” starting with “This show probably isn’t what you think.”

“Life is hard. God is good. Let’s dance.”

I’m told Northpoint Church in Atlanta invites first time visitors to turn on their headlights when entering the parking lot.  They are then greeted at their car and accompanied to really good seats near the front of the auditorium.  After the service they are escorted to the book store where they are given a free gift and invited back again.

Some will read this and interpret I’m advocating adding a liner once an hour to welcome new listeners.  They would be wrong.

It’s more difficult than that.   I’m suggesting the sermon begins in the parking lot.

…and we’re so glad that you’ve come to see us.