Long before Star Wars and Star Trek, my Wonder Years generation grew up watching black and white sci-fi shows such as The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, and movies about aliens landing in your very back yard (“The Day the Earth Stood Still“).

Klaatu barada nikto was a hashtag before there were hashtags!

One of my odd little favorites was a flick called “The Next Voice You Hear…” with James Whitmore and Nancy Davis, who later became the more famous First Lady Nancy Reagan.  The plot revolved what would happen if God’s voice spoke to us over the radio.  I reckon’ that’s the ultimate FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Are there things on your station for which listeners fear missing out?  Do they have eager anticipation that the next voice they hear may say something fascinating and worthy of talking about?

That anticipation doesn’t just begin when something comes out of the speakers.

It’s been said that the sermon begins in the parking lot.

“It doesn’t begin INSIDE the church.  It is a simple wave from the parking lot attendant.  It is a hello from the coffee servers.  A greeting from an usher… Everybody waves, but it’s what happens after you wave that matters.”

The best stations create a sense that something meaningful is about to happen.

How would your station be transformed if you really, really, really believed that God’s voice was the next voice they heard?   I reckon’ you’d at least have your station playing in the hallways.

*Thanks to my friend Tommy Dylan for the inspiration.