So, let’s pretend you have a radio station.

And that radio station has a ratings challenge, a fundraising challenge, or a challenge in developing loyal listeners.

Where do you begin in solving your problem?  

How ’bout in your own hallways?

Can you hear your radio station playing in the front lobby, setting the tone for greeting listeners that walk in the door?  (Can you imagine Disney not cherishing this moment as the beginning of the Disney experience?)

Can you hear your radio station in the hallways?

Can you hear your radio station being played in employee’s offices?

Does anyone inside your building fear ‘missing out?’

If the very people who are paid real money to be a part of your radio station don’t have the Fear Of Missing Out, how can we expect listeners to?

In a PPM world it is referred to as “Listening Occasions.”  That’s the secret handshake for ‘the more frequently people tune in the higher your ratings will be.’  That is assuming that those randomly solicited and compensated for being in the PPM panel actually care about your station to begin with.

If the people in the hallways, the ones that are paid to care about you, don’t fear missing out…

…don’t expect your listeners to.

*Thanks to my friend Roger Henderson for this post about In-n-Out Burgers.