We’ve all thought it.  Sometimes we even laugh about it when we see an old photo.  The hair.  The clothes.  The car.  The things we thought were important.  Back then.

Old style Brady Bunch

Consider what your perspective would be today if you had spent your career exclusively at your very first radio station.  You would not have the influences of the greatest mentors in your career, and you wouldn’t have the big picture perspective learned from seeing many different stations and perhaps many different formats.

Here’s something I know now that I didn’t know then;

Conversations about a radio station’s programming generally fall into one of two areas.

Objective. These are conditions or overarching principles that impact our circumstances and success.  These are often based upon specific research or best business practices and almost always proaction in nature focusing on the station’s long term vision and success.

Subjective. A personal opinion, preference, or experience that influences our opinion of the station.  They often come from the loudest or crankiest voices.  They are almost always reactive and short term in thinking.  “You should play more variety” is the poster child of subjectivity.

The less experience one has, whether it be as a manager, programmer, air talent, or board member, the more likely their perspective will be subjective, just as it was for us at our first station.

After all….

people only know what they know, and they only know what they’ve experienced.

I’ve seen countless radio stations waste time and attention reacting to someone’s subjective opinions.  It’s like radio Whack-a-Mole, whacking at one subjective thing after another, seducing us into thinking our busyness is actually accomplishing something that matters.

I’ve learned that the sooner you can discern what is subjective or objective the sooner you can redirect your attention to the things that really matter.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can know now what you didn’t know then.

I invite to share what you know now that you didn’t know then.  You could make a future Frost Advisory!   Maybe others don’t know what you know.