Oh, yeah!  That was the one with the hurricane!

I guess we’ll never forget Momentum 2017.

There were more Tweets and Facebook posts about hotel reservations, flight schedules and security lines than the speakers, artist performances, and social events.

People shared most about what they shared the most.  

I’ve heard that when director Ron Howard and his wife go on a date, they always go to the movies.

“There’s something unique and meaningful in a group experience.  You’re sitting in a large audience, and there’s a moment when everyone cheers or everyone laughs or everyone cries.  You’re emotionally in sync.”

Your radio station can be like that.

If I tuned in to your radio station…

…would I hear a weather forecast that is just data, or the sharing of something we all have in common?

…would I hear a PSA that is nothing more than a poorly written press release, or a story of a community coming together to make your town a better place to live?

…would I hear a contest that is just about giving away a piece of cardboard, or hear an opportunity for real people to laugh and connect with something that is meaningful to their lives?

“Social” doesn’t mean “we have voices on the air and listeners can call in to win things.”  “Social” doesn’t mean “everyone can listen to us separately at the same time.”  “Social” means that every consumer is having an experience they share in some way with others.”
~Mark Ramsey

*This Frost Advisory is dedicated to Michelle Younkman and the talented CMB team for making the most of a distracting situation.