The good thing about being ordinary is that you don’t have to work at it.  Just do the same old thing.  Today’s show is yesterday’s show.  Last year’s promotion is this year’s.

Radio is like a light switch.  Turn it on and something happens.  If that something is what listeners expect, good things can happen.  If it is better than listeners expect then it is no longer ordinary.


I recently walked the halls where no one in the station was listening to the station.  Why should they?  It was ordinary.

Ordinary radio stations are a commodity.  You can take ’em or leave ’em.

“A commodity is a product or a service that no one cared enough about to market.

Marketing creates value, by combining stories, design and care. The product or service is produced in a way that makes engaging with the item better.”
~Seth Godin

If you don’t work hard, if you don’t innovate, if you don’t stretch your own limits the result will be ordinary.   And anyone can do that.