This was Carlos’ first Momentum.  Our 30-minute coaching session began with, “I will do anything to learn and get better.”  Carlos is my new friend.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”
~Henry Ford

Contrast Carlos’ attitude to the program director that doesn’t show up for the coaching sessions with his air staff and consultant.  Or the morning show deejay that is only willing to repeat bits from his previous station rather than learn what is meaningful in a new format.  Or the boss who keeps stressing he has 20 years of experience, making it all the more obvious to his team that it’s really only one year of experience 20 times.

What did you learn at #cmbmomentum16?


“Give us content, stories, or any reason to tell all of our friends and the entire world about you.”
~Erin Branham

“When you change everything IN you it will change everything AROUND you.  Your attitude makes all the difference.”
~Clay Scroggins

“Come up with more different ways for them to love you.”
~Paul Jacobs

Here’s an idea!  Take three things you learned at Momentum and implement them right away at your radio station.  That, more than any memo you write or speech you give, will demonstrate that you love learning.

“When do you think most people stop learning?

Is it when we already know how to do something?

Is it when we have some success under our belts?

Is it when we imagine there’s nothing left to learn, no one knows something we don’t, or when we come to believe we know it all?

Whenever it is, it’s too soon, and it’s too bad, because we’ve always got a lot to learn… no matter how much we already know.”
~Mark Beeson