“We (heart) logistics”, sing the actors dressed in the brown of the parcel delivery company, assuming that the internal work flow is meaningful to the customer.

“Bad advertising is like home movies.  In your ads, please, never point the camera at yourself.”
~Roy Williams, “The Wizard of Ads”

“Try church again,” declares one billboard campaign in Orlando, apparently targeting those least interested.   Even worse perhaps is the billboard artwork for hernia surgery.   (I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP, as Dave Barry would say.)

When you communicate the benefits of listening to your station, are you doing it from the perspective of those inside the station or those outside?  Careful.   This is trickier than it seems, because you’re on the inside.

My favorite bad radio campaign is “Not what you think!”, based on the assumptions that you, 1) already think something about that station, and that 2) it’s wrong!

Taylor makes wonderful guitars.  I even have a couple of them.  But their social media campaign isn’t focused on design and distribution, the things meaningful to those inside the factory.  No, they share stories of people enjoying their Taylor guitars.

“Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself.  It is as if they are showing you the way.”
~Donald Miller, “Blue Like Jazz”