Flowers, candy, and cards.  Family time and reminiscing.  As we celebrate Mother’s Day, perhaps there are programming lessons we can learn from mom as well.

Be a good listener 

There is no shortage of subjective opinions about your station’s programming; from the boss, a listener or donor, the receptionist, the sales manager.  The opinions that are most valuable are the ones uncovered through objective research to understand the listeners’ needs and perspective.  Ask.  But you have to ask it the right way.

Live every moment

The most important programming element is the one that is on RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, not next week.  “Be good now” is the best programming advice there is.  After all, the “nows” add up.

Be a good friend  

Friends make others feel welcome.  Friends don’t talk down to others.  Friends encourage.

Don’t be selfish 

The moment we think the station is all about us, we lose perspective.  Whether commercial or non-comm, your station ultimately exists to serve and bless others.


Be vigilant about getting the bad stuff off your radio station and replacing it with good stuff.

Remember who you are

My mom used to say, “Remember who you are and what you represent.”  Your station’s brand – what your station stands for – is the primary reason people tune in.  The degree by which you elicit passion through your brand values will determine your success.

Thanks, Mom!