We didn’t sweat like the other kids, and that made everyone else really envious.  You see, we were the first classroom in the school to have air conditioning.  That’s about all I remember about being in the sixth grade.

What do people remember about your radio station?  What is memorable gives light to what is meaningful. What is meaningful (thinking) is what they care about (feeling).  What they care about determines how much they’ll care about your station.

Do you know what your listeners care about?  Or maybe a better question is… do you use those things to design your station?


“Trying to control what other people think is a trap.  At the same time that we can be thrilled by the possibility of flying without a net and of blazing a new trail, we have to avoid the temptation to become the audience, to will them into following us.  Not only is it exhausting, it’s counterproductive.  (Success) happens because you’ve made something worth buying, because you’ve outlined something worth believing in.”
~Seth Godin

Our format is, or can be, about things people already care about… and… this is really important, they would still care about those things even if your station wasn’t around.

“Lots of people are trying to sell what people don’t want.  Don’t be one of them.”
~Roy Williams