It was a rude awakening.  How could they not know something so familiar to all of us at the radio station?  A tour of schoolchildren made their way through the production studios, the FM control room, and down to where the AM stations are located.

We then heard the words.  “AM station?”, one youngster inquired.  “What is that?  A station people listen to in the morning?”


On the recent 9-11 anniversary my friends Ellis and Tyler at Z88.3 shared how the University of Central Florida displayed American flags all over their campus.  But the reason why is what amazed me!  They shared because incoming freshmen are too young to remember the events of September 11, 2001.  They would have been only 3 years old.  Do the math.

What’s your listener’s perspective?  What do they feel at their core?  What makes them stand and cheer?


At a recent Houston Rockets’ game the loudest ovation – a standing ovation – wasn’t for the home team or their bearded superstar James Harden.  No, the loudest ovation was for the six airmen that walked to center court during halftime.  And it had nothing to do with basketball.

When was the last time your station did something worthy of a standing ovation?  Perhaps your station needs to stand for something they care about.

*Next week’s Frost Advisory is #300, a milestone perhaps, and a surprise, no doubt, to my 5th grade English teacher and anyone that worked with me at my first few radio stations.  It’s also the debut of my first video!  (That’s a tease, don’tcha know).