I reckon’ the Christmas season brings out the best in our format.  More people tune in than at any other time of the year.  When done well, this can be a station’s much-discussed “next level”.

Over the last several weeks I have heard some amazing stories and songs.

I heard the story of a single mom of three kids who had work two jobs and clean houses at night to make ends meet.  Listeners generously gave her kids a Christmas they couldn’t afford for themselves and pulled together to have HER house cleaned, as well.  (A big deal.  Ask any female listener.)

Stories and songs.

I heard the story of a family on the verge of being evicted from their home due to the dad losing his job and mounting medical bills from one child’s injury from a car accident and another child’s epilepsy.  The station, its listeners and clients stepped in to make up the difference on their overdue bills so they wouldn’t lose their home, and blessed them with a Christmas tree and gifts for all the kids.

Stories and songs.

Perhaps most the most amazing I heard was told by the daughter of a Vietnam vet that had a leg amputation.  Wayne pitched in with a wheel chair.  Sheri offered up a wheel chair ramp, and another donated a motorized scooter.  But the most amazing thing to hear was the generosity of a company that made prosthetics offering this Vietnam vet the ability to walk again.

Stories and songs.


Our format can be so much more than the ubiquitous 52 minute music sweeps, the best mix of this and that, and traffic and weather together on the 10s.

So, for the coming New Year, it is my hope that those in our format adopt this New Year’s Resolution:  To create radio stations that matter.

After all…

It doesn’t matter what we say if what we say doesn’t matter.