It was a remarkable thing to see!

Hundreds of millionaire athletes willingly giving up a tool of their trade and replacing it with something that on any other day, in any other circumstance, would subject them to ridicule and harassment from their teammates and fans.

They wore pink.

Sunday was a special Mother’s Day at ballparks across the country as Major League Baseball joined forces to raise money for breast cancer research. The players demonstrated their support by wearing pink wrist bands and using pink bats. Some wore pink batting helmets and pink caps. In Milwaukee they Pinked Out their ballpark using social media to direct fans to turn over a card on their seat at a specific moment during the game! #PinkOutMillerPark


If someone had tried to get major league ballplayers to wear pink just for the sake of wearing pink the players would have laughed at the idea.

But wearing pink, the tactic, wasn’t the point. Mom was the point. Something bigger was the point. That something bigger is called strategy. Strategy is what drives emotion.

What’s “the idea” behind your radio station? Can that idea form a story that people want to be a part of?

Or are you trying to force your listeners use a pink bat?