My friend Carol couldn’t stay away any longer. Her retirement lasted only a season before she was back among her friends and the shared experience of a place she loves – the ballpark. Although she gets paid a little something my guess is that she would do it for free.

“To spend so much time in a space that fills night after night with tens of thousands of fans who love a team deeply, and to grow up surrounded by people who, at every pay level, love where they work, was beautiful.” – Emilie Miller

Value isn’t determined by the amount of money you’re paid, it is created by how much you give, according to Chick-fil-A marketing guru David Salyers in his book “Remarkable”. No one knows that better than those who give of their time without getting paid.

My wife volunteers at the hospital where she used to get paid. Although a licensed medical professional, she now spends her time helping patients and their families, and assisting the nurses when needed. She feels like she’s using her gifts to really make a difference. So does everyone else she works with.

“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.”

While certainly no one gets into Christian radio for the money the spirit of a volunteer sets people apart from those who view it as “just a job”.

Twenty years ago my friend Randy began as a volunteer because they couldn’t afford to pay him. The morning they signed on the air he had been up all night dealing with last minute technical problem. All that before going to work at his real job. Just yesterday Randy had emergency quintuple bypass surgery. Randy’s passion is undeniable, and his hospital room will soon be filled with his co-workers that share that passion.

How many people at your station have that kind of passion?

Too many hallways and cubicles are quiet, not one radio on. Talent go on the air unprepared and untrained, wasting precious opportunities to touch people’s lives. Stations remain essentially invisible in their communities because investing to reach people is not a priority. My friend Jim Hoge​ is intolerant of that attitude, investing well into six figures every year through marketing and major events at two of the world’s most public places – Walt Disney World and Sea World.

How many people are so devoted to your station’s mission that they would still want to be involved if the paycheck went away?

Love your work

If the spirit of a volunteer can be found at a ballpark and a hospital, perhaps it could be just as evident at a Christian radio station.

“A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit.” Greek Proverb