“While other car companies are showing you what matters to them, we want to know who matters most to you.”

“The Greatest Interception Ever”, Volvo’s advertising campaign during, but not in, the Super Bowl sheds light on a powerful marketing concept for your station.

“Tweet the name of someone who matters to you with #VolvoContest when you see any car commercial during the game. Tell us why they matter and you could win them a brand new Volvo XC60.”

Their viral marketing taps into beliefs and values that just so happens to be at the heart of your radio station: celebrating family and friends, and reaching out to help others.

Beliefs and Values is not about sounding religious, it’s about connecting.

Your station doesn’t need to buy a Super Bowl commercial either. Just tap into the hearts of the compassionate, caring people that listen to Christian music radio, and then provide them a way to make their actions public.

While other radio stations are talking about what matters to them, maybe we should be talking about what matters to our listeners.

*Inspired by yet another stimulating conversation with Mike Moran, Mike Blakemore, and Chad Davis.