Thanks to my pal Kevin Avery at The Fish in Atlanta for his creative musing on success.

Kevin and his talented pal Taylor’s morning show just so happens to be #1 in Women 25-54 in Atlanta, a very competitive radio market of 4.5 million people! So, maybe Kevin knows something worth hearing (‘cept #4, perhaps!)

10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments of John Frost!

10) Thou shalt take the first exit!

9) Thou shalt give the listener ‘hugs’!

8) Thou shalt get to the point!

7) Thou shalt reflect back the listeners values!

6) Thou shalt love children!

5) Thou shalt love childrens’ mommas!

4) Thou shalt talk baseball with me whenever I visit!

3) Thou shalt tattoo the values pyramid on the inside of thou’s eyeballs!

2) Thou shalt be relevant!

1) Thou shalt be enthused about being in the best format in the world!