Quick! Name a TV dad that is portrayed as a positive role model! How about in the movies?

Where have you gone, Cliff Huxtable?

It’s said that 85% of youths in prison grow up in fatherless homes. Role models can change the trajectory of a life.

With more and more successful Contemporary Christian music stations than ever before we have the opportunity to tell a better story to more people. I know stations that have created on-air features just so they can say, “You must be a great mom!” or “Atta boy, dad!”, affirming listeners for one of the most important roles in their lives.

I recently heard Amy Grant say, “Every once in a while it’s good to think about what is really important in your life, and then see what aspect of your life actually reflects that.”

“Sing something that matters”, her dad would often remind her. On this Father’s Day I think that’s good advice for our stations, as well.