I’ve actually never seen one but I hear about the magic bullet almost every week. We yearn to embrace solutions that are simple and don’t require too much thinking.

Run a new contest.

Change the deejays around.

Run more traffic reports. Run fewer traffic reports.

Play more Toby Mac.

Let’s change the voice over guy!

Breath in a bag, hon!

Now don’t get me wrong, in certain situations it might be good to consider one of these tactics. But it’s fascinating how perfectly reasonable people accept a magic bullet without hesitation. We want to believe the simple. Perhaps it’s because everything else is hard.
Lose twenty pounds in a week!

Become a millionaire in 30 days!

Find the love of your life if you fill out this form.

Snake oil will forever make someone rich. Yet life is more complicated.

So is radio.

Programming a niche music station, which inherently appeals to people of only one religion, to top the ratings of the inherently mass appeal stations that appeal to those of any religion, or none, is anything but simple. But we waddle in the simplistic answers, none-the-less.

Once the simple answers have been tried and exposed for what they are – nothing less than a magic bullet with no powder – we can then choose to roll up our sleeves and really get to work.

But let me warn you, it’s really a lot of work. I heard somewhere that harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.