Pardon the interruption!

At my request some stations recently asked listeners what they were usually doing while listening to the radio.

The responses ranged from driving, to driving, to driving.

Others said…

“All of my usual stuff – I have it on throughout the day at home, and in the car. I also like to listen to it before I go to sleep… it is good to fall asleep to so that I have beautiful thoughts to dream with”

“Cleaning the house. making food for my husband and me, driving anywhere”

“We listen in the morning while getting breakfast ready and my daughter gets ready for school. I listen in the car. I have it on
while doing most things around the house.”

“Cleaning, cooking, or getting ready to go out. My 11-year-old likes to listen before bedtime.”

“Driving, cleaning the house, gardening, and cooking. Your radio station keeps me calm and in a positive mindset.”

“Driving, getting the kids ready for school, or chores around the house.”

“Everything. In the car, cooking dinner, on the computer. I turn it on when I get up in the morning and have it on most of the day, and always when I am in the car. ALWAYS”

When we actually listen to listeners it’s interesting how our perspective changes. They become real people with real lives, and our stations are only invited in when we support and enhance what they are already doing.

Seth Godin puts it this way: “we must forsake any attempt to communicate nothing but facts, and must instead focus on what people believe and then work to tell them stories that add to their worldview.”

She’s not going to stop thinking about her stuff to listen to your stuff just because you are loud, use lots of zaps and zips, and talk over a percussion bed.

What if the talent on your station thought about THAT every time they opened the mic?